Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

MW3 is Infinity Ward's best offering yet

In spite of the negative remarks that have been circulating about the latest Call of Duty, I’m here to buck the trend and suggest that Modern Warfare 3 is my favourite in the series so far. My love of the game stems primarily from Survival Mode which allows players to improve their COD skills without the baggage of the campaign and the pain of playing online with a slow internet connection. In a similar fashion to the Zombies feature built into Black Ops and World at War, Survival Mode allows you to play against waves of enemies that become increasingly more difficult to kill. Instead of merely trying to bite your head off, enemies like Juggernauts and Helicopters add an extremely intense element to the game, creating moments of panic that can only be resolved with a clear mind and clever use of the map.

The Importance of Call of Duty

There are certain games which serve as a measure of your gaming prowess. Call of Duty is the King Pin in this regard, with Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3 earning the titles of the most played online games in the year 2011. In the same way that FIFA is the bench mark for sports games, Call of Duty is the FPS which separates the men from the boys, the sergeant majors from the corporal sergeants. If you are unable to hold your own on the COD court, you might as well buy yourself a Nintendo Wii and start gaming with your grandparents.


Although they haven’t done anything particulary different with the campaign, the locations in Modern Warfare 3 are nothing short of incredible. London, Paris, New York. Do I actually need to say anything more? As you watch the Eifel Tower falling, you will come to realize the genius of choosing some of the world’s most iconic venues for terrorist destruction. It’s Hollywood Gaming at it’s best. Beautiful Venues and Big Ass explosions.

Final Thoughts:

It may lack innovation, but you cannot deny that Modern Warfare 3 delivers on what it sets out to achieve. It is fast-paced, action-packed gaming that is extremely gratifying from the very moment you insert the disc..The graphics are beautiful as always, the locations are more interesting than previous versions of the game, and every time you switch it on you are bound to have fun. Ultimately,  Modern Warfare 3 is proof that the guys at Infinity Ward are still the Master Chiefs of the current FPS genre.

Out of 10:



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