Game’s 11 Day Price Blitz has officially begun. Starting 31 May and ending 10 June, the Game catalogue includes specials on XBOX 360′s, MWEB ADSL, Refurbished PS3′s, laptops and HD TV’s.

What you need to Know:

  • The catalogue is valid from the 31st of May to the 10th of June
  • If you subscribe to MWEB ADSL, you can essentially buy a brand new XBOX 360 4GB Console for R999.00
  • 320GB Sony PS3′s with Tekken Hybrid and Motorstorm¬†Apocalypse¬†are going for R2999.00
  • The Laptop and TV Deals are pretty good, although it’s worth comparing the PC Deals to Incredible Connections latest offers
Game South Africa 11 Day Sale

Click on the Image to Download the Catalogue

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