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The Power of HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface)

If you have an HD TV and you’re using an SD cable to connect your console, you are performing a great injustice to both your TV and your gaming platform. The only benefit of SD cables is that they work on pretty much every TV, hence the reason most consoles are shipped with them. The problem with SD cables is that they are incapable of displaying the true resolution of any next generation gaming console, in the same way that a standard definition DSTV decoder is incapable of displaying High Definition DSTV channels. If you’ve witnessed the difference between Super Sport HD and Standard Super Sport, then you will be glad to know that a similar improvement in visual quality can be had with your gaming console, albeit for the rather slender price of R89.00 from Musica. That’s correct. You can purchase a male-to-male HDMI cable from Musica for R89.00. You don’t need the Sony or Microsoft branded HD cables. All you need is a standard HDMI cable.  To pay for a branded HDMI cable is tantamount to pouring money down the drain. The only exception is when you are connecting a super expensive surround sound system, in which case the gold used in expensive HDMI cables is indeed the best possible conductor, resulting in the maximum output of both audio and visual information.

Standard HDMI Cable

In Summary


SD Cables:

  • Incapable of displaying the true resolution of PS3’s and XBOX 360’s
  • Serve as an injustice to your HDTV if you have one
  • Only benefit is that they work on just about every tv on the market


HDMI Cables:

  • The best possible connection between console and HDTV
  • Like upgrading to HD DSTV, for the slender price of R89.00
  • Can be purchased from most Electronic or Gaming Stores, but make sure you don’t pay more than R100.00
  • Do not commit the crime of paying for a branded cable ie pouring money down the drain
  • You will be astonished by the difference that a simple cable can make


Final Thought:

An HD DSTV Decoder costs R1400.00. You can achieve a similar improvement in visual quality with your gaming console for less than R90.00. This upgrade is an absolute no brainer. In the words of that famous sporting brand, ‘Just Do It’.

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