You can literally buy an XBOX 360 for R499.00

The standard retail price for a 4GB XBOX 360 ranges between R2000 and R2400.00 in most retail outlets around South Africa. However, there is a way to get the ¬†Microsoft console for the slender price of R499.00. Of course there is a catch, but not of the ‘sell your soul to the devil variety’. All you have to do is sign up for a 12 month MWEB ADSL contract worth R199.00 or more at a Game Retail outlet, and you become eligible for the console. So who does this appeal to?

  • Existing Telkom users that are fed up with the level of service offered by the 2nd worst company in South Africa (Hellkom)
  • People thinking about signing up with MWEB
  • People who are looking for an ADSL data package that is competitive with any other offering in South Africa (in terms of price and quality)

If you happen to fit into 1 of those 3 categories and you feel like buying an XBOX for R500 bucks, then do yourself a favour and sign up with MWEB. Even if you have no interest in Gaming, you could sell the very same XBOX you just bought for R499.00, cruise onto and sell it for R1500.00, easy fuckin peasy. Serious.

Is MWEB actually that competitive?

The answer to that question is yes. As an existing Telkom user, I pay R429.00 per month just for line rental and line speed, while the company that I work for covers all my data costs. In other words, R429.00 is the minimum amount you can pay for a 1mb line with Telkom, without factoring in data costs that pretty much everyone is obliged to pay. If I were to move to MWEB, it would cost me a R339.00 per month, as per the current pricing of their website (see image below). In other words, by moving to MWEB, I would save R90.00 per month purely on line speed and line rental, without even factoring in the ‘infinite data’ component of MWEB’s deal. So by sticking with Telkom, I am paying more and receiving less. A move to MWEB would reverse that condition, and allow me to buy an XBOX for R500 bucks. This is the very definition of a ‘no-brainer’!

MWEB Pricing (taken directly from

* The ‘Excludes Voice Line Rental’ subclause means that there is absolutely no phone line activation included in the deal. Earth to everybody that worries about this – No one uses landlines anymore. Ja my parents do, but they don’t have facebook profiles which forces you to question their very existence.

What else do you need?

  • An ID Document
  • An active ADSL Line
  • You need to be a first time MWEB customer
  • You have to sign up at an official Game Store

Need further proof?

Here is the official Game Catalog. Although the deals change slightly every week, the MWEB Deal generally ranges between R1000 and R1500.00. If you signup this week you can literally get the XBOX for R500 bucks if you signup for an MWEB ADSL 12 month contract at the same time.

Get an XBOX 360 for R500 bucks

You can literally get an XBOX 360 for R500 bucks

How Long Is It Valid?

This particular deal is running from the 26th to the 29th of July, but as I said at the beginning of the post, MWEB and GAME have been running deals like this for months. If my knowledge  of GAMES pricing scheme serves me correctly, the offer varies between R1000.00 and R1500.00 off any wireless console almost at random. So some times you get R1000.00 off, and other times you get R1500.00 off. Whichever way you look at it, it is the cheapest way to buy either an XBOX 360 or a PS3, in South Africa. It does require an active ADSL line though, and you need to be a first time MWEB customer, and you must bring your ID to the store to actually make it happen.


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