Cheapest Kindle Deals in South Africa

R1099.00 is the cheapest price you can pay for a Kindle in South Africa

I’m not a particularly big fan of IPADS, Samsung Galaxies, or any other tablet for that matter, simply because I regard them as extremely over-rated highly over-priced TOYS. While there may be certain Chinese gentlemen who are literally willing to give up  internal organs for the latest IPAD (this actually happens), I  stand on the other side of this particular spectrum.

But the Amazon Kindle is an entirely different beast. It is a book simulator rather than a tablet toy, and once you start using it to read, you’ll find that books are rather cumbersome in comparison. PDF’s are the new books, paper is no longer required. So if you’re wondering whether or not you should get a kindle (or another ebook reader), then the only question you need to ask yourself is whether or not you like reading? If the answer to that question is yes, then you should definitely purchase a kindle  (or alternative ebook reader).

However, the subject of this particular post is this…where is the cheapest place to buy an Amazon Kindle in South Africa?

Having recently bought 2 Amazon kindles (directly from Amazon), I can tell you now that buying directly from Amazon is not the cheapest option. Once they factor in the shipping costs and excess taxes, what seemed reasonably priced before checkout jumps up by about R1000.00. So rule number 1 is don’t buy directly from amazon.

So where is the cheapest place to buy an Amazon Kindle?

The answer to that question is They offer the Wi-fi 6 inch Amazon Kindle (with special offers and sponsored screensavers) for R1099.00. All the other retail outlets offer the the same Kindle, but without special offers and sponsored screensavers, which increases the price by R300.00 or more. So most stores in SA will sell you a kindle for between R1399.00 and R1499.00 (Wi-fi 6 inch without special offers and sponsored screensavers), whereas is the only store where you can buy the cheapest possible kindle in South Africa for R1099.00. It’s literally that simple. Vinis en Klaar. To go directly to the R1099.00 Kindle on, click here!

What are sponsored screensavers?

Because the kindle has wireless functionality, it has the ability to present you with new sponsored screensavers and special offers whenever you switch it on, provided you are connected to a wireless network. If you aren’t connected, the screensavers and special offers will still be active, but they won’t update with new content. Sponsored screensavers don’t really affect how your kindle operates, they simply allow for Amazon to make even more money from the kindle by selling the space to sponsors. It will have an almost unnoticeable affect on how you operate your device, while it does allow Amazon with the opportunity to present the latest deals. It’s really not a big deal either way, so if it can save you R300 bucks, then you might as well opt for the cheaper option.




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